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Genealogía de la familia Figueredo

Notes for Alfonso de la Cerda/Mahalda de Brienne

Alfonso de la Cerda (1), (el Desheredado), was born in 1270, and became the legitimate heir to the throne of Castile and León when his father died in 1275. When his grandfather, King Alfonso X, died in1284, Alfonso de la Cerda, being only fourteen years old, was passed over for succession to the throne in favor of his uncle, Sancho IV (el Bravo). Alfonso and his younger brother were taken by their grandmother Violante de Aragón to Aragon, and only the threat of excommunication stopped King Philip of France, the brother of their mother, from declaring war on Castile if his nephews were not reinstated.

In about 1290, or after 1294, in France, Alfonso married Mahalda de Brienne, called, elsewhere, Mahalda de Narbona, and they had six children, Luis, Juan Alfonso, Margarita, Ines, Maria de la Cerda, and Alfonso de España. Alfonso, the father, died in either 1327, or 1334, in Piedrahita, and Mahalda, Señora de Lunel, died after 1348.

Children of Alfonso de la Cerda and Mahalda de Brienne:

i Luis de la Cerda [15th great grandfather of Perucho]

ii Juan Alfonso de la Cerda, Infante de Castilla, Señor de Gibraleón, el Real de Manzanares, Huelva y Deza, was born after 1304. He lived in Portugal until 1337, but served Alfonso XI, King of Castile, at the battles of Gibraltar in 1333, and Algeciras in 1344. In 1337, war broke out between Castile and Portugal and Juan Alfonso returned toCastile.
He married between 1318 and 1320, in Santarém, Maria de Portugal, daughter of Denis, King of Portugal (the Farmer) and Marina Gomes. They had children whose names aren't known.

Maria died about 1340, and Juan Alfonso married Maria de Luna (1), on May 24, 1340, in Gibraleón. She was the daughter of Artal de Luna, and died after 1347. Juan died in about 1347. With one wife or the other he had Beatriz, Maria, and Alfonso de la Cerda.

iii Margarita de la Cerda, Infanta de Castilla, was born in about 1300. She married, after November 1315, Felipe, Infante de Castilla, Señor de Cabrera y Ribera, pertiguero mayor [head verger] de tierra de Santiago, mayordomo mayor [chief steward] del Rey, adelantado mayor, and merino mayor [royal judge] de Galicia. He made his will on April12, 1327 in Madrid, and died after June 5, 1327. They had no children. Margarita died in 1330.

iv Ines de la Cerda, Infanta de Castilla, Señora de Bembibre, was born in about 1302. She married in about 1325, Fernan Ruiz de Villalobos, ricohombre [grandee or peer], Señor de Villalobos. They had children whose names aren't known. Ines died soon after October 24, 1362.

v Maria de la Cerda (1), Infanta de Castilla, was born in 1306, and married, after 1330, Alfonso de Guzman, who died in 1342. Maria died in about 1354.

vi Alfonso de la Cerda, also called Alfonso de España, Infante de Castilla, Señor de Lunel, arcediano [archdeacon] de París 1321, Gobernador del Languedoc, was born in about 1305, or in about 1310. He married Isabelle d'Antoing, Vizcondesa de Ghent, Señora d'Antoing, d'Epinoy, Sothengien y Houdain. They had a son, Carlos de España, and, possibly, two other children, Luis de España, and Isabel de laCerda.

Alfonso died in 1327, in Gentilly, Isabelle died on December 6, 1354.

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